Up your game with a Breakfast of Champions session (Feb 20)

Author: Frederic Riviere

GEMS Head of Sport Danny Tauroa, NZ Chamber Board Member Kevin Ha, Executive Director Danica Burke and GEMS Head of School Mark Henry

Earlier this year, the NZ Chamber extended a very warm welcome to our new strategic partner GEMS World Academy, who has come on board to support and engage with the NZ business community as the sponsor of our new 'before-work' series - Breakfast of Champions. 

The series will be a break in the usual format of after-work networking over a wine style event, and instead we'll be shaking up your routine and inviting you to a breakfast meeting with some seriously interesting Kiwis. In each session, we will have thought-leader from GEMS sitting down with a fascinating guest speaker who is a leader a certain aspect of high performance, all set in a casual and intimate breakfast setting. 

The conversation will explore lessons and insights from specialists in training for high performance, and will be relevant for anyone wanting to "up their game" in work and life - whether you're in a big MNC, or work from home, whether you run a big team, or run a big family.

We are kicking off the series on Tuesday 20 February when we explore how to truly 'sleep your way to the top' with Kiwi Sleep Scientist and high performance Sports Nutritionist Dr Richard Swinbourne from the Singapore Sports Institute - discussing how cutting edge research in Sleep Science is proving to be the often-overlooked key to success for top performing athletes, students and professionals alike.

Richard is a New Zealand trained Dietitian and has worked with the New Zealand Rugby Union as their High Performance Nutritionist for National Teams between 2007-2014, including service delivery with the AB7s and NZ Women’s 7s teams. Five years ago Richard stepped sideways to explore the world of sleep among elite collision sport athletes. Richard’s work was published in the European Journal of Sports Science in December 2015, titled “Prevalence of poor sleep quality, sleepiness and obstructive sleep apnoea in athletes’. Richard is currently the head of sport nutrition at the Singapore Sports Institute, and is enjoying applying both his nutrition and sleep knowledge to our elite environment here in Singapore.

On Thursday 26 April we'll be inviting celebrated champion Rugby 7's coach Sir Gordon Tietjens to the breakfast table for a very special session ahead of the Singapore Sevens tournament.

Our friends at Baker & Cook and Allpress Coffee will also be there to support the stimulating conversation. Bring your partner, bring a friend, even bring your teenagers - and enjoy a breakfast you'll be thinking about all day, and be part of a session that you'll be talking about for weeks. Tickets are on sale now and members can bring guests at member prices!