Member of the Month - May

Author: Frederic Riviere

Moon Equity



This month we have the pleasure of speaking with the Director of Moon Equity, Corporate Member of the NZ Chamber.


Briefly what is your role?

We connect investors to non public listed companies seeking funding for growth and expansion. We use technology to split the investment amounts so smaller accredited investors have the opportunity to invest on the same terms as larger players served by investment banks.


Any advice for doing business in Singapore and/or the region?

Never stop networking, you never know when someone who can positively impact your business will come along.


When did you move to Singapore? Where from?

I was born here in Singapore.


Where were you born? What country do you call home?

Singapore is home but I believe one shouldn't restrict himself or herself to a political boundary in today's world.


What do you like most about Singapore?

Convenience, you can find almost anything you need easily except chewing gum. Singapore being a cosmopolitan city, you get to choose from a large variety of products that cater to the diverse population.


What do you do to relax?

I enjoy a good book, the last one I read is Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Equation.


What's top of your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list, it’s always a spur of the moment for me.


Why did you join the New Zealand Chamber (Singapore) and what do you like most about it?

We have joined for the chance to network with more Kiwi companies and we love it how members never hesitate to lend a helping hand to one another.


Any last words?

Can Whittaker’s bring in more flavours to Singapore?