GLOBAL WOMEN ON TOUR (GlobalWOT): A trusted travel platform for and in support of women.

Author: Monica Portillo

GLOBAL WOMEN ON TOUR (GlobalWOT): Trusted travel for and in support of women. 


Launch Date: April 30, 2019


Announcing the release and launch of GLOBALWOT.NET, a website dedicated to the creation of an online travel community designed for access to shared, free downloadable itineraries. Short for Global Women On Tour, GlobalWOT seeks to empower women to travel.  With a target at the world’s largest leisure travel segment, women make 80% of the travel decisions and they want to get it right. Time is a precious commodity. Unsupported or even fake reviews from searches abound which can make planning holidays a potentially frustrating, tiresome experience.


With our downloadable itineraries, we seek to create a space that encourages a free exchange of tested travel experiences, contributed by users who are both novice and experienced travellers alike, curated by the GlobalWOT team and then shared with anyone seeking inspiration.  


GlobalWOT are every woman, in all stages of life. We are not supermodels lounging about on perfect Instagram travel feeds.  We are bringing (dragging?) our families around the world, we are the empty nester, the retired couple, the busy working or retired women who understand the power of travel, how it broadens the mind and feeds the soul.  


Founded by an all-female team based in Singapore, India, Bali and New Zealand, we are five friends and passionate travelers who have collectively, lived in ten countries, speak six languages and have travelled to more than 142 countries. We have a vast network of women travelers willing to share their tried and true itineraries. Says Alaina Appleman of Singapore, “I’m excited to finally have a destination to do a ‘brain dump’ of my adventure trips. Most of my trips are off-the-beaten-path and have limited information available – so I hope this info will be helpful to others.”


The construction of an online community of inspired users is made up of women completing our user submission forms after they have completed a trip. We ask contributors to share their experiences, details of the good and the bad, what worked, what didn’t, using a tailored template, creating a uniform structure to the site. Lastly, they are able to upload photos. As contributors, they become authors to this community, which includes space to upload a headshot and a brief bio so that their online presence has the potential to become a familiar voice in the community.  The exchange occurs as visitors to the site gain access to inspiration from the growing, collective abundance of itineraries as women offer their own real world, current and lived experience of each trip.


As we build an online community of real women supporting women, we also seek to improve the lives of women in developing countries by partnering with NGOs and donating our net profits from this venture to women’s charities.  Our first affiliated charity is Days for Girls (DFG). Their work provides access to women and girls in need of quality menstrual care and education. In fact, the GlobalWOT idea was born on a trip to deliver DFG menstrual kits and education to a rural area of Rajasthan, India, featured here.  Says Kelly Ovard, USA, “I visited India with my daughter, and our delivery of DFG kits was one of the highlights of our trip! It was exciting to meet girls of varying ages and teach them about how amazing it is to be a woman…to have the opportunity to teach them how they are strong and how they can be proud of their bodies. To help their confidence was a wonderful addition to our trip and is something I definitely want to do each time I travel.”  


If you're looking for travel inspiration or you have a fantastic travel experience that you would like to share, please come and take a look!




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Teena Jelsma, Singapore

Kristie Larsen, Bali

Robin Smith, India

Constance Halterman, Singapore

Natasha Kewene-Hite, New Zealand