eMAGINE Academy - People More Than Profit

04-06-2018 2:00 PM - 04-06-2018 6:00 PM

eMAGINE Academy

On the 6th of April, four profound and inspirational global speakers and specialists in their fields will be coming to Singapore to offer this fusion of corporate solutions. People’s hearts are more important than profit and eMAGINE Academy are going to prove that in the hardest market. Never before has a group of humanitarian and altruistic keynotes shared the stage with such profound and impactful common goals;

  • to reinvent a more positive workplace culture;

  • to create inspired buy-in from all levels of staff;

  • to re-engage creative leadership and thinking;

  • to generate higher productivity and growth;

  • to establish confidence across all departments;

  • to ensure open and safe communication channels are established;

  • to generate a greater altruistic purpose to strive towards – together!

The list literally goes on. Delegates can expect 3 hours of inspired change philosophy, unique perspective from four thought leaders, mixed with fresh and innovative concepts ready for your organisation to then explore and adopt with confidence and passion.

This event is FREE to attend as the goal is to share the vision to create a more sustainable workplace culture, inspire a success mentality within business and make a tangible difference through our own efforts both in and out of the business community. 





Ocean Reeve
Cindy Rochstein
Karen Clarke
Dion Jensen
Venue Name
Dover Campus - UWCSEA | International School in Singapore
Venue Address
1207 Dover Road
Singapore, 139654