Member of the Month - June

This month we have the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Dawson, CEO, Beauty Care Strategics.

Briefly what is your role? Owner and Director

Any advice for doing business in Singapore and/or the region? Be patient with the bureaucracy.  It is very easy for westerners to get frustrated with the systems, but the only way to get throught it is to be patient but firm.

When did you move to Singapore? Where from? I relocated from Cincinnati, OH, USA in January of 2013.

Where were you born? What country do you call home? I am originally from West Virginia in the USA.  While I still love the state, I don’t actually know where to call home other than Singapore, as that’s where I reside with my wife and cats.

What do you like most about Singapore? The amazing diversity, of culture, people, and opportunity.

What do you do to relax? Listen to music, go hiking.

What's top of your bucket list? It's funny. Since I have been living here I have knocked off so many of my top bucket list items its hard to figure (Angkor Wat, the Routeburn, Hue, Great Wall, diving the Great Barrier Reef). I guess diving with a whale, or hiking the Alps. This is a topic that obviously needs more thought and inspiration.

Why did you join the New Zealand Chamber (Singapore) and what do you like most about it? I am hoping to expand business opportunities in New Zealand, perhaps to immigrate there. I most enjoy the networking opportunities and meeting new people.